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  • Assessment and intervention in social work essay

    assessment and intervention in social work essay

    The aim of an assessment, once undertaken, should be the alleviation or minimization of the impact created in any given situation with adverse behaviour.The assessment and plan for intervention will be tailored to meet the need of the primary member I feel most in need - James - therefore creating some form of homeostasis in the to read a student review by Sarah Farr, BA Social Work, University of Sussex and Brighton Chris Beckett's new book on assessment and intervention in social work practice covers the core topics for qualifying social work students.Introduction It is a common misconception help by the public that social work practice is merely a series of well-meaning but otherwise uncoordinated activities (Haines, 1981). Social work practise is a highly organised profession.I also indicate in the last section of the article that the politics of social work is caught up in our definitions and constitution of subjectivity and what counts as valid subjective experience.Assessment is a central element in social work practice.Deciding on outcomes sees the service user and social worker working together, within a specific time scale, to agree on realistic achievements.You will need to introduce the situation, explain the rationale behind your intervention, and analyse the skills and process you have used, reflect on the impact of your work and discuss future action.Strengths-based approaches concentrate on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups and organisations, deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment.With this in mind, towards the end of the paper some suggestions are made about what a critical social work might look like, if it does not merely wish to contain what people say and route them towards a definite end point, but instead, energetically open up a new space of subjectivity which more closely conveys an appreciation of life as a whole, whilst making our habitual relations of power vibrate until they disjoin.Apply the theoretical background to the intervention. There is an expectation that you will use and reference at least 6 texts and that at least 4 are from recommended reading provided.
    • Assessment is a central element in social work practice. Discuss with reference to relevant literature and practise examples. Introduction It is a common
    • Social Work Assessment and Intervention Second Edition Steven Walker and Chris Beckett
    • The aim of this essay is to give explanation to the description and reasoning behind assessments and interventions strategies, within the framework of the Kerr family.
    • Here to read a student review by Sarah Farr, BA Social Work, University of Sussex and Brighton Chris Beckett's new book on assessment and intervention in social work.

    assessment and intervention in social work essay

    client and social worker, fail to understand the importance of a broader social context to the creation of a relationship of power.Intervention can so easily be considered simply as something for which we don't have adequate resources...Field work in varied settings, including schools, homeless shelters, child and family counseling centers, charitable organizations, senior citizen facilities, and social service agencies enhances academic learning and allows you to make a real impact on a multicultural society.The stages of this process include assessment, planning, intervention and review. Assessment involves gathering and interpreting information in order to understand a person and their circumstances; the desirability and feasibility of change and the services and resources which are making necessary to affect it.It involves making judgements based on information’ (Middleton, 1997, p.5).In child welfare practice, for example, the genogram is useful to incorporate changes over time, which is particularly helpful in charting shifts in custodial care for instances such as adoption or foster placements (Altshuler, 1999).- It is imperative that social workers become knowledgeable about their clients’ cultures and are culturally sensitive."Helpful, given the pressure that can be felt by front line workers to consider assessment to be the completion of a form and a fixed task.Assessment is an ongoing, dynamic process which continues throughout the process of working with a client.Additionally, social work emphasizes the “not knowing” stance, acknowledging the client’s socially constructed understanding of his or her world and fit within that world. The military genogram: A solution-focused approach for resiliency building in service members and their families. D., LCSW, is an Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Pope’s practice experiences include mental health counseling and assessment for young children and parents, child protective services case management, and facilitation of a support group for elder spousal caregivers. D., LCSW, is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

    assessment and intervention in social work essay

    Primary mental health care was institutionally based for the first half of the century, with a period of de-institutionalization beginning in the late sixties preceding the current emphasis on community-based care.The Children's Act 1989 and other legislation such as Criminal Justice Act 1991 and NHS and Community Care Act 1990 all contributed towards the changes made within the assessment process.For further assistance with Sociology Assignment help, please check our offerings in Sociology assignment solutions.In essence, to focus on health and well-being is to embrace an asset-based approach where the goal is to promote the positive.Throughout this article, “client” will be used, but it could be interchangeable with client system when appropriate.The objective has been refined based on two key factors.Assessments have been a key element to the social work practice and we have seen many changes and developments within assessments over the years.

    assessment and intervention in social work essay assessment and intervention in social work essay

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