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    chemical reactions and ph scale essay

    Bearing this in mind the following hypothesis has been made: If the potato discs are placed into a test tube with hydrogen peroxide and a buffer solution at p H approximately 7, then the activity of catalase will be the greatest.How does the stomach survive the presence of such a reactive acid?Controlled: whether the potato discs were chemically threaten, whether the catalase and hydrogen peroxide concentration was the same in every sample ( whether the potato discs were accurately cut and whether they all came from the same potato, whether the same fresh hydrogen peroxide was used in all samples) and whether the temperature remained the same during the whole experiment.The normal p H range of a swimming pool needs to be between 7.2 and 8.0, although a range between 7.2 and 7.8 is more practical as some disinfectants such as chlorine are most effective for this range (Hann, 1997).When placed in the settled sediment of a suspension of soil of appreciable cation exchange capacity (CEC), a lower p H is generally measured compared to the measurement obtained in the supernatant solution (called the suspension effect). HYPOTHESIS Different p H values influence the activity of catalase.This theory was able to explain the way acids and bases react; the only substance that the theory was not able to explain was NH3.The most common type of bleach used in the world today is made of chlorine compounds.Acids and bases are called aqueous solutions, or mixtures of certain substances dissolved in water.Furthermore, it is represented by the equation: p H = -log[H ] (Zumdahl, 2007), and since the scale is logarithmic, this means that a p H increase of one value represents a H concentration increase of tenfold.To an extent, acids and bases can be defined in terms of factors that are apparent to the senses: edible acids taste sour, for instance, while bases are bitter-tasting and slippery to the touch.
    • The pH scale is a measure of acidity with values typically falling between 0-14. Chemical reactions that occur in our bodies can change the pH of blood by.
    • Learn about acids, bases, water,and the pH scale. Plus, find many more chemistry science projects. In many acid-base reactions, the resulting product is water along and a salt. If hydrochloric acid HCL and the base sodium. Read John Piper's essay on one of the wonders of creation--rain. Visit the USGS' Water.
    • Read this full essay on Chemistry Project Acids and Bases & the pH Scale. Acids and Bases. In the Lewis theory of acid-base reactions, bases. donate pairs of.
    • Read this full essay on Acids, Bases and pH Scales. This theory was able to explain the way acids and bases react; the only substance. What is a Chemical.

    chemical reactions and ph scale essay

    It was obtained from the literature, that the range of p H values, at which catalase works is approximately 4 to 9, with an optimum p H of 7.Thank you for making Brilliant Termpapers the custom essay services provider of your choice.Are you sure you want to remove #book Confirmation# and any corresponding bookmarks?You may want to set up the activities at stations and have student teams rotate through them. The first person that tried to define acids and bases was Arrhenius.The same type of chemical reactions and processes may occur through the disturbance of acid sulfate soils formed under coastal or estuarine conditions after the last major sea level rise, and constitutes a similar environmental hazard.The best way to understand these two types of substances, however, is in terms of their behavior in chemical reactions.A Chemical reaction is the outcome of two or more elements together results in the formation of a chemical bond between atoms and compound.The neutral p H is 7, which is essentially water, with lower numbers indicating acidity and higher numbers indicating alkalinity.You can tell if a new compound is formed if there is a color change, a gas given off, a precipitate formed or a great energy change. The H in the name is the H that is present in all acids, p stands for the negative log of the H ions.

    chemical reactions and ph scale essay

    A chemical reaction is where a new compound is formed or decomposed.Reactions include composition , decomposition, single replacement and double replacement and combustion.Not only do the reactions of acids and bases result in the creation of salts and water, but acids and bases can be defined by the ways in which they participate in a reaction—for instance, by donating or accepting electron pairs.So for instance you cannot turn lead into gold which was a big disappointment to alchemists in the middle ages.Acids and Bases are two groups of chemical compounds that generally have opposite characteristics.Both AMD and ARD refer to low p H or acidic waters caused by the oxidation of sulfide minerals, though ARD is the more generic name.A knowledge of basic chemistry is important for understanding just about any area of biology from the function of cells to the behavior of organisms and the ecological relationships between organisms and their environment.

    chemical reactions and ph scale essay chemical reactions and ph scale essay

    PH and the pH Scale

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