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  • Essay about beauty of sri lanka

    essay about beauty of sri lanka

    It is an island country on the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast in India’s subcontinent located in southern Asia.If a country is not able to manage its own garbage, that creates serious questions about its citizens’ discipline, respect for natural environment including protection of animals – even though people are highly educated or with high literacy rates. On 14th April 2017 the Sinhala and Tamil New Year day, so far 16 people have died, many people were injured and over hundred houses were destroyed or damaged due to a collapse of a section of the Meethotamulla garbage dumping site (garbage mountain) where the entire Colombo district garbage is currently being dumped; so far around 23 million tonnes of garbage has been dumped at the site.Fantastic staff that have looked after us really well. Liked the attention to detail- flannels, drinks after safari, tea ready in the morning. Whatever its 'technical' name, it is undoubtedly a rich treasure trove of nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka's endemic species found no where else in the world.Majority of them include to Nuwaraeliya district and Badulla Districts.The island's history of immigration, trade, and colonial invasion has led to the formation of a variety of ethnic groups, each with its own language and religious traditions.Historically this relic has been very important since whoever had it in his possession was considered the ruler of the country.Tea became such a key product for Sri Lanka in the mid-19th century. Skippers are generally distinguished from butterflies by their habit of holding the fore wings vertically whilst the hind wings are held flat.Plus, as the garment trade is such a big part of the Sri Lankan economy, there are a few shops which stock export-quality clothes at knockdown prices.Bambarakanda, Diyaluma, Dunhinda, Ravana, Bomburu Falls, Ravan Falls, Mana Falls and such several waterfalls at Badulla district. Clair falls, Devon Falls, Kurundu Oya falls, Ramboda falls and several beautiful falls at Nuwaraeliya District.It is full of the most amazing places to visit and in recognition of the wondrous beauty of these sites, eight of the best have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    • Apr 15, 2017. No country can match Sri Lanka's natural beauty, but its beauty is daily dying mainly because its' own people and institutions' failure and.
    • Read Condé Nast Traveller's guide to the best shopping in Sri Lanka. Plus, as the garment trade is such a big part of the Sri Lankan economy, there are. Much better shopping to be had in India. ash; The beauty of Sri Lanka is.
    • Leopards, elephants, birdlife in abundance – Sri Lanka is a wildlife lover's. Located in the south-east of Sri Lanka, Yala is a beautiful area of lowland dry scrub.
    • Oct 17, 2014. Such is the antiquated nature of the Sri Lankan railway network that. of the most beautiful in the world and while I can't disagree I've grown.

    essay about beauty of sri lanka

    The income gained through the sales is used for the maintenance of the place. Loosely speaking, this gives rise to the 243 species of butterflies which is often quoted.The mountains of Sri Lanka abound with waterfalls of exquisite beauty.From the 4th century BC, it was the capital of Sri Lanka until the beginning of the 11th century AD.To tell you the truth, I knew very little about Sri Lanka.As the sun sinks towards the horizon, I climb aboard a modest, motorized boat for a 90-minute tour led by Amal Priyankara, a 26-year-old naturalist and Negombo native. Animals must stay freely, but leopards, tigers, lions and other harmful animals must be kept in a jungle where they cannot harm others and where hunters can’t hunt them. One day when I dug a small pit to put my dead fish, I saw a packet of tea. This bustling hill-country capital is the natural gateway to a lush central region of tea plantations, gurgling streams and stirring Sri Lanka Kandy history.The Loolecondera Tea Factory Sri Lanka which borders Taylors Hill is the country’s first tea factory, set up by James Taylor in respect of whom our hotel is named, its estate a beguiling and unique experience for visitors, representing the important and vital history of tea in Ceylon from its inception.You may not look like you've just stepped off the catwalk, but for well-made trousers for Rs250 a pair, who cares?

    essay about beauty of sri lanka

    Both butterflies and skippers are widespread throughout the island and present even in home gardens in the large cities, such as Colombo.Sri Lanka is blessed with over one hundred waterfalls..Join Essayworld today to view this entire essay and over 50,000 other term papers. Devanga Chandrasena (Grade Sussex College, Nugegoda My new class teacher My new class is Grade 2E. We have an environment like this today as our ancestors have protected the environment with much care. It is probably the most visited tourist destination of Sri Lanka.They come to see Sri Lanka to see the beauty of these waterfalls and many other picturesque places. Sri Lanka is an island country and god has given to Sri Lanka blessings of nature blue seas, green hills, sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, cascading waterfalls, a Lanka Ella Falls "ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට උරුමවූ දියඇල්ල" - Infinity Sri Lanka Lanka Ella is a isolated waterfall located in kalupahana area.Sinharaja which was designated a World Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage Site in 1998 has been given this price considering its value at key ecosystem services by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

    essay about beauty of sri lanka essay about beauty of sri lanka

    The Politics Of Garbage In Sri Lanka & The Need For Recycling Plants

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