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    essay on animal husbandry

    Livestock, therefore, served man in a number of ways.Tags: educating teachers teaching technology essays of education courses where they forced to borrow the money from perbadanan tabung pendidikan.Farm animals are kept in specially built units all year round in order to better control feeding and management.Livestock, adapted to many uses, forms an essential part of the economy.There was a cow, a pair of bulls, a buffalo in every well-to-do household. were reared by economically weaker sections of the society in general.One-fourth of the total sheep of India is found in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra. Animal Husbandry plays a very important part of the agriculture.This practice of breeding which may be done by transplanting embryos from stud-quality of the ability mothers or stock concerned.It also enhances the income and provides profession to many others. Cattle rearing states of India include, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. From a scientific standpoint, specialists in animal husbandry may try to address specific problems occurring in large groups of animals. essay on animal husbandry in hindi click to continue Writing brain drain causes and effects and solutions enough money marine biology essay contest hospitals, effects men with their selfish inclinations quotes funny good proposal writing format an argumentative essay on co education. Drug Development Recombinant DNA technology is the transfer or insertion of desired gene from one organism to other which ...
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    • Apr 23, 2011. Animal husbandry is the art of rearing animals for getting milk, skin, hides and horns and using them on the farms for agricultural purposes.

    essay on animal husbandry

    The aspirants should think and develop his/her views towards the issues which are affecting the mass population of the country.Many times, after I have finished a lecture on the decline of American farming and rural life, someone in the audience has asked, "What can city people do? Of course, I have tried to explain what I mean by that, but afterwards I have invariably felt there was more to be said than I had been able to say. I begin with the proposition that eating is an agricultural act.Over the same period, meat consumption has risen substantially and incited the emergence of new forms of political subjectivity, from nationalist agitation against ritual slaughter to the more radical rejection of meat production in abolitionist veganism.Cattle Cattle are an asset to small and minor farmers, who supplement their farm revenue through the milk they generate.These objectives have been achieved as There were about 40,000 tigers during 1909-10 in India.70% of the states population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood.[1] Tamil Nadu has as an area of 1.3 Lakh km2 with a gross cropped area of around 58.43 lakh hectares of which the Gross Irrigated Area is 33.09 lakh hectares which is 57% and the balance 43% of the area are under rainfed cultivation.[2] Tamil Nadu is the home land of Dr M. Swaminathan, known as the "Father of the Green Revolution" in India.If you have trouble with writing your college essays, Viva Essays can help.Whether you are in high school, or you are working on your Ph D., Viva Essays can tackle that assignment.The Indian cattle species are known for their toughness and immunity towards tropical diseases. But the choicest bulls and buffaloes are from Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.A second definition of animal husbandry is that it is a subject that can be studied, often in the college environment.

    essay on animal husbandry

    IAS Preparation changes the life of the candidates, his perspective and the outlook towards life. Submitted by: Name- Imkumsungla Class- 11 a Sec- A Roll NO- 27 CONTENT 1. The fowl population has multiplied even faster - from about 3 billion in 1950 A. India has about 107 million goats, 196 million catties, about 76 million buffaloes.In addition to supplying milk, meat, eggs,wool and hides, animals, mainly bullocks, are the major source of power for both farmers and drayers.Major changes took place in the Columbian Exchange when Old World livestock were brought to the New World, and then in the British Agricultural Revolution of the 18th century, when livestock breeds like the Dishley Longhorn cattle and Lincoln Longwool sheep were rapidly improved by agriculturalists such as Robert Bakewell to yield more meat, milk, and wool.But for a week or so each spring, anyone passing by cannot help but take notice of it.Here, we have provided such article on Animal Husbandry, one of the important components of Indian Agriculture sector.

    essay on animal husbandry essay on animal husbandry

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