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    essay on france culture

    This research will be of value to any person studying French culture.Paris is the leading capital of fashion and design.Although France is the only country I’ve lived in aside from the U. and it’s not THAT different as a whole, an element of culture shock did play into my acclimation period here. Right away you’ll notice that the French are polite.There is something about France and the French culture that arouses interest all over the world.Since Liberty is part of the motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité", as the French put it, this painting has become the primary symbol of the French Republic.In the summer of 2000, the French Cultural Center (at the time known as The French Library and Cultural Center) entered into an agreement with l'Alliance Française de Boston et Cambridge, combining forces to promote the French language and culture in the Boston area.From its language and religion, to its food and art; French culture is very different from any other culture(Zimmermann, 2012).In mid-February, for example, Parisians gather in the Chinese district (Quartier Chinois) to celebrate the commencement of the Chinese New Year.In former times, most Western companies did not engage in international business.Pieces of art found in private galleries or on open-air exhibitions clearly indicate that the colonial past of France and the contemporary immigration boom have left a permanent mark on the cultural consciousness of the city.And let’s not forget a French person’s medicine cabinet. and for years I’d eat dinner between 6 and 7 each evening back in the U. But in the winter, a family with kids who might have activities outside the home later on will sit down to eat at 6 p.m. They don’t hug, they’ll just lean in and give you a cheek tap on either side to greet you, say hi and bye. I’ve talked about this one several times on my blog before.
    • Mar 25, 2006. Albert Camus, the famous French Algerian writer, commented in a 1947 essay that “it is doubtless that France is a country much less racist than.
    • Analyze changing conceptions of French national identity and culture in the period since. An essay cannot earn this point if no credit was awarded for point 2.
    • The most recent review of the same subject—Henry Blumenthal's American and French Culture, 1800—1900 1975—makes no mention of political culture at all.
    • Sep 22, 2015. With its revolutionary heat and rational cool, French thought once. Syndicate this Essay. These subversive precepts also circulated through another French cultural innovation, the salon this private cultural gathering.

    essay on france culture

    “The heavy responsibility and the immense honor which is ours should lead us to give priority to peaceful disarmament.” For Hazareesingh, this highfalutin oratory, which was “broadly welcomed across the world,” also displayed “a seductive masculinity and rhetorical verve … a sense of articulating an age-old wisdom resting on centuries of often painful historical experience; and a confident optimism, underpinned by a belief in France’s cultural superiority” that is all indubitably Gallic.France had been the first nation to recognize the independence of the United States. The Treaties of Friendship and Commerce and of Alliance of 1778, in which France recognized American independence and sealed an agreement to aid the new nation in its war with Great Britain, France’s historic archrival—the basis of de Gaulle’s claim to front rank in that funeral procession— marked the formal birth of French influence upon American political culture.In France, the question of whether it is possible to be both French and Muslim remains highly contested.The country would like to be part of Europe's north, but its heart belongs in the south.On the other hand, companies did not have to take into consideration the specific features of foreign markets, such as foreign languages and “strange” cultural behaviour.Vast, ominous clouds linger stubbornly in the sky, but Valentin, the hulking, tattooed captain aboard our chaland (a flat-bottomed, wooden boat) keeps his sunglasses on as he guides us through the picturesque Brière wetlands. Looking at Henri Cartier-Bresson’s black and white photographs at the Leica Store Gallery exhibit, it’s clear that he put the “instant” in Instagram.I could probably write a list of about 50 things all about culture shock in France, but here’s the short list (maybe a Part 2 coming soon? That IS a checkbook and check you see that lady whipping out in front of you at the grocery store. The shocking part isn’t the prevalence of pharmacies — it’s when you have to describe every last disgusting detail of what ails you in order to get your meds (no discreetly grabbing your diarrhea medicine and paying at the self checkout). Living in NYC, though, dinner was often later depending on what I had on on my plate for the day and what time I finished work, but in general, Americans are perfectly cool with sitting down to eat at 6 p.m. Most restaurants in France aren’t even open for dinner before 7 p.m., so plan accordingly. When the law requires five weeks of vacation for employees (plus more if you work 39 hours/week), taking 2-3 weeks off all at once during the summer is normal. The healthy French vacation culture is a happy culture shock moment — when the work/life balance is actually healthy for most people. Shopkeepers, cashiers and even random people on the street will say hi/bye/have a nice day. That was a slight exaggeration but it may surprise you to see that more people smoke here (especially teenagers) than what you are used to from back home. This one is personal for me because Tom smokes and I HATE IT.The ideas of Hall's cultural model and Shannon-Weaver's communication process will be presented with cultural issues.It will take more than navel-gazing to get the nation through the euro crisis unscathed.And yes, I’m talking about paper checks — those things that come in a checkbook that you sign and rip out to pay for stuff. In France, the pharmacist is there to do much more than just get you your medicine — they counsel, advise and listen to your ailments almost like a doctor would. Now of course not all Americans eat this early and not all the time. Oh, and if you have a dinner party, don’t invite French people and tell them dinner is at 6. When it comes to culture shock in France, this is one of the big ones. Let me say this upfront — NEVER hug a French person to say hi. The politeness habit in France is one you’ll quickly catch on to and you’ll find yourself wishing the cashier at Target a good day on your next trip back to the U. He only smokes outside, but still, it’s a nasty habit and a hard one to kick.

    essay on france culture

    Eating in France is serious business (more on that below).With all the kilometers you’ll be clocking on the streets of Paris, make sure to keep your head down and eyes open!It is more than just a few blocks of townhouses and cottages standing side-by-side, up against the sidewalk.French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world.This makes it the largest country in Western Europe.Way back when I moved to Paris, there was a street in the 6th arrondissment that we nicknamed “Poop Lane” because it was a true disaster at all times.Concerns around Islamophobia have become very unique and specific to the French context and are now the source of much contemplation and analysis.

    essay on france culture essay on france culture

    Racism, Assimilation, and Immigration A New Culture in France?

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