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  • Essay on mentoring student nurses

    essay on mentoring student nurses

    The aim of this assignment is to provide evidence and analysis of my developing skills as a mentor by exploring the role dimensions of the mentor within the Standards, recommendations and guidance for mentors and practice placements (College of Operating Department Practitioners (CODP) 2009)) and Standards of Proficiency (Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) 2008)).- The three main competencies of the Mentor Role are "understanding yourself and others, interpersonal communication and developing others" (Hesketh et al pp 4).Due to various changes in society as well as in consideration to shortcomings like inadequate provision of quality health care, the nursing profession is set to revamp its credentials through transformation of nursing practice, education as well as leadership.The course consists of 6 protected study days, three face-to-face contact days and three online learning days (36 hours in total).Find our more about Distance Learner Book requests, and how visitors can access the library. Introduction MENTORING AND FACILIATING YOUR OWN AND OTHER PROFESSIONS The aim of this assignment is to critically evaluate the role of a mentor with personal reflection of the mentoring process, looking at four key requirements for mentoring practice.Working with different mentors in the past, has helped me to understand the different characteristics of being a mentor and develop my own style of facilitating learning within a clinical setting.As a post The initial ‘interview’, however, descended into a chat more than an interview.Maintaining the balance of the role in supporting students and sustaining identity for new teachers is the beginning of the journey to becoming an effective teacher in higher education.The UCLan Library building provides comfortable, flexible study spaces and offers a wealth of excellent learning resources, extensive collections of information sources and expert help and support from Library staff.My role as a mentor to a nursing student will be evaluated, looking at the way in which I supported her on the ward and how I facilitated this.
    • This essay is going to focus on various key qualities of mentors known as. It has been made a formal role in nursing education to directly allow students to.
    • Essay about Mentorship Nursing and Samantha. 3810 Words 16 Pages. Therefore this implies to teach the student effectively the mentor needs to ensure the.
    • Jun 5, 2017. My role as a mentor to a nursing student will be evaluated, looking at the way in which I supported her on the ward and how I facilitated this.
    • Sep 30, 2009. Mentorship Collaboration for Competency. The success of any nursing student in any program in any clinical setting is multi-faceted enhancing.

    essay on mentoring student nurses

    needs, to help facilitate the learning process in a practical setting.Nurse education requires a teacher to be dynamic, supportive, caring, empathetic, challenging and knowledgeable.The course handout is available here (PDF) - it is recommended to download the course handout prior to reading the text course.In addition to this you will undertake 164 hours of independent study.The goals of the latter include identification of the characteristics of mentors that have been (or could be) most successful in recruiting and training diverse nurses and nurse faculty, as identified in a report by the Institute of Medicine.This reflective essay shall be written in the first person, In accordance with the NMC (2002) Code Of Professional Conduct, Confidentiality shall be maintained and all names have been changed to protect identity.Their aim is to help you make the most of the Library and IT facilities throughout your studies, and to make sure you're working effectively and efficiently - whether you need to find books and journals for an assignment, or need help with formatting your dissertation.The Student Information Centre (the 'i') is your dedicated support hub for advice and guidance in all aspects of life at UCLan.Today I would like to share some information with you regarding what makes a positive learning environment and specific strategies that can be used in clinical teaching.They should also be able to have a non-judgmental attitude and good interpersonal skills.

    essay on mentoring student nurses

    If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Coursework essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?The lack of research into the value of reflection has been noted by Newell (1994) and Macintosh (1998).These two sets of standards make it clear what is expected of both students and mentors when learning in the clinical environment.Per Hesketh et al the author must determine his own strengths and weaknesses so he can maximize them.These “worst case scenarios” can be traumatic experiences that can leave the student hopeless and disappointed of themselves and in many cases can “scar” their subsequent professional career.Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Education work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.This is my reflective account of my performance as a mentor in a clinical setting, assessing the learning environment and the strategies used for teaching and assessing a newly qualified theatre nurse.

    essay on mentoring student nurses essay on mentoring student nurses

    Key Qualities Of Mentors - Free Education Essay - Essay UK

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