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    jonas salk essay

    A pattern of gradual increase thus continued throughout the agricultural period.It did , however , retain the ability to immunize any who were injected with the “dead ‘ form of the virus .Hans Jonas studied the philosophy of biology and at some point made the whole theory belong to him, this resulted in many... The characters in this book are very interesting and also likeable; but later in the story the characters become more complex in their characters and behaviors. Name Lecturer Course Date The psychological realism in "the 100 year Old Man who Jumped out of the Window and Disappeared" by Jonas Jon... Jonas had spent planning this brilliant escape had been wasted, and now they were on the run.In 1942 at the University of Michigan School of Public Health he became part of a group that was working to develop a vaccine against the flu.He died on June 23, 1995 at the age of 80 in La Jolla, California.From an early age, Jonas Salk showed great academic skills and graduated from Townsend Harris High School at fifteen years old. Francis at the department of epidemiology in the University of Michigan to work on behalf of the U. In 1943, they had developed a formalin-killed-virus vaccine, effective against both type A and B influenza viruses.While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. History I Honors22 February 2009In America in the 1950s, summer was a time of despair and concern for most parents; this was the time when children by the thousands became infected with the crippling disease polio.Though his first words were reported to be dirt, his early thoughts were not on studying germs but on going into law. Jonas Salk was "a somewhat withdrawn and indistinct figure" but was always reading whatever he could lay his hands on. Salk went on to intern for two years at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.Salk could have patented the vaccine and become a rich man rather , he refused to do so in order to get the vaccine out to those who needed it quickly .
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    • Salk was one of the founders of the field of psychoneuroimmunology – the study of. Работы, похожие на Реферат Dr Jonas Salk Essay Research Paper SALK
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    jonas salk essay

    He was born in East Harlem, New York, on 28 October 1914. Their goal was a "killed-virus" vaccine able to kill the live flu viruses in the body, while simultaneously producing antibodies that could fight off future invaders of the same type, thus producing immunity. Salk has stretched an interesting essay into a rather long-winded book. or limitless license which would unleash destructive and pathological greed at the expense of constructive and creative individuals."" On the whole he is optimistic about man's future, noting that ""the 'catastrophists' and harbingers of doom are in themselves evidence that Man possesses a signaling mechanism for sounding warnings of danger"" -- say overpopulation. Salk assumes that somehow human population will stabilize at an ""optimal level."" He feels that because man is ""able to exercise learned behavior"" he might act ""wisely"" in shaping his future: ""by wisest we mean those who comprehend the survival-evolutionary process, as well as the being-becoming process, and who make choices such as enhance the possibility of existence rather than nonexistence, recognizing evolution as an essential and inexorable continuum of growth and development."" He makes virtually no mention of the many other authors who have addressed themselves to these same issues, either on a philosophical or experimental level.After accepting an appointment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he began working with the National Foundation for Infantile paralysis and there began work on polio, the cure for which Jonas Salk would be known forever.Jonas Edward Salk was born to Polish-Jewish immigrants, Daniel B. 'His first spoken words were, 'Dirt, dirt,' instead ofthe conventional, uninspired 'No, no' or 'Momma.' He was a responsive child.' Dr. He went to New York University medical school for training.In this article, Reuters Health states that daily smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to experience a panic attac...Born in New York City, he attended New York University School of Medicine, later choosing to do medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician.Salk administered the vaccine to volunteers who had not had polio, including himself, his lab scientist, his wife and their children.Contrary to the era’s prevailing scientific opinion, Salk believed his vaccine, composed of “killed” polio virus, could immunize without risk of infecting the patient.As the first member of his family to attend college, he developed a fascination with the flu virus and sought a way to eliminate its ability to infect people with influenza.

    jonas salk essay

    Jonas Salk was an American medical researcher, physician, and virologist who developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine.School children and parents were as frightened of polio as they were of nuclear bomb attacks on the United States.Diamagnetics was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1846, but no one at the time thought that it could lead to any appreciable effects. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.He was analyzing a strange ore named Petalite that had been procured from an island off the coas... LSD is a hallucinate know to be the most powerful drug of this kind. This drug changes a person"s mental state by distortin...In fact, the polio vaccine and many others have saved countless children from the devastation of infectious diseases.When news of the discovery was made public on the 12th of April 1955 he was hailed as a miracle worker. He soon advanced to the position of assistant professor of epidemiology.

    jonas salk essay jonas salk essay

    Dr Jonas Edward Salk Essay Research Paper - Реферат

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