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    my first trip to america essay

    One such understanding was learned during one of my vacations.Well, on that day, we reached Murree with my friend at around 3.00 p.m. The journey to Murree was quite different from the one am used to in the plains. The cost of the hotels is too high for the ordinary man, but luckily we got a very dark bungalow at a reasonable price. That’s why I am here, in the heart of different cultures congestion, in the United States of America.For about the tenth time the morning of the flight, I checked my room to make sure I didn’t leave anything essential behind.Being too tired, we chose to rest and begin our adventures on the next day. The area was filled with thick fog and beautiful trees that were filled with enticing flowers.I would have many opportunities to complete my desired job in evening they cook outside BBQ boreal some animal in moon light I was so happy to get visiting visa with my father, mother to America it was in September, we were very happy we spind the rest day planning or vacations in summer to America In next day me my dad take trip to travel agent to get an airline ticket at it was in dealmaker 10 we was so existed In evening when we call our brother how they use to live in use and we till them good news about getting visa we had air line ticket in short pried of time around week we pot all our bags ready we call taxi to get us to Syria international airport was first appearance to travel in airplanes I was worry and confused about my trip we say good bye to my rest of family all of them was in tear I was in mix a motion should I be happy or sad We give officer our passport and he check our bags for customs give as permit to go to plane it was hudag air plan we came to Houston tx my father in airplane try to let me remember my brothers phones no and address he was worry about me getting lost he knows I now very latte English.I'd wanted to go to America to study since I was about 14 years old because this modern country with freedom is all I could ever dream of. Introduction My trip to America Three years ago, in July 2001, I had the opportunity to visit America, the land of freedom.Connecting the two continents, the city hides layers of history, culture, colors and scents.The city is busy, fast, never stops, but when you need a break from all this fervid life there is always a nice garden, a small tea house or a mosque where you can seat, breath and relax.
    • My first trip essaysI still remember the first trip to the beach that I took with my close friends. Two years ago, my friends and I went to Tamarindo Beach to rest.
    • Personal Narrative - Personal Narrative - My First Trip to America
    • My First Day in America. 2 Pages 482 Words November 2014. Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!
    • My first day in United State of America was the longest and happiest day of my life. America is a dreamland, and piece of Heaven. Many of the immigrants from.

    my first trip to america essay

    Then we returned to the hotel, and we ate some snacks.We were very happy so we spind spent the rest of the day planning or our vacations In for the summer to America.Well, it was my idea actually, so I’ll take 90 percent of the credit ... I know southern Indiana isn’t exactly the first (or even tenth) thing that comes to mind when you think of difficult hikes, but trust me—this one is hilly.I understood it to be so different from any place I had ever seen or been, having grown up in Russia, traveled in Europe, and lived in New York City.I'm finalizing the details of a family ski vacation to Mount Snow, Vermont. Her New York City marketing career is hectic and vacation time is a precious commodity— and I am no longer her priority.Despite the rain falling and the long waiting in the airport, with our heavy suitcases we had to carry across the terminals, we kept are holiday mood until we reached the plane. Middle The receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile and presented us with the keys to our rooms.Over the past few years I’ve started travelling independently - this means away from the bank of Mum and Dad - and I’ve always looked for the cheapest hotel, or the option to stay with a friend and even went camping when I travelled through America. Although, when I travelled to New York with my older sister I did flirt with the idea, but she wasn’t having it.However, a few months ago, I planned to visit Murree. I had always wished for that moment to be in Murree and experience this peaceful environment, and yes, my desire came true.Murree is a great visiting hill station that is located in Pakistan at the outs. The place is visited by different people from different nations since it shields one from the sweltering heat.Hi everyone, my name is Marco Ratti and I’m 18 years old.

    my first trip to america essay

    I remember vividly the ride to Conchal Beach since it was so pretty.I went to International Students’ Office and I met with my counselor and some other staff working there.I was excited as we all were looking forward to reaching the moon.I decided to have a nap in my favorite chair, soon I started sleeping, and the next thing I knew I was in another world with my friends on a spaceship and we were excited because this was a trip we all had dreamt of.I would recommend going over the essay review word usage and spelling, since there seems to be errors all around.My stomach was doing flips as we arrived at the airport and made our way to the gate.Holy shit Cape Town, South Africa is all kinds of pretty!

    my first trip to america essay my first trip to america essay

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