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  • Research paper on gay parents

    research paper on gay parents

    “There are many cases in [the study] where respondents have proven resilient and prevailed as adults in spite of numerous transitions, be they death, divorce, additional or diverse romantic partners, or remarriage,” wrote Regnerus, in a paper published last month by the peer-reviewed journal .Most states allow gays and lesbians to individually adopt but do not allow them adoption as a legally recognized couple.Numerous professional organizations submitted amicus briefs last week advising the court about why it should support marriage equality and in particular, addressing the question of same-sex parenting.More recently, researchers from the University of Colorado Denver and the University of Oregon used the tool Web of Science to examine the ways in which scientific papers analyzed children of same-sex parents over time, and how each paper cited others to back its analysis.With the belief that marriage is the foundation for procreation, same-sex couples, without the ability to have their own child, should not be allowed the right of marriage.Just about anyone can become infected with dangerous germs.- Gay adoption by legal couples has become a rising controversy in the past decade, affecting the lives of many children and families.It’s a nation that made black and white people equal, men and women equal, but why aren’t gay couples equal to straight couples.Including such children among those labeled as having been “raised by same-sex parents” is so misleading as to be inaccurate, since these children were generally raised by opposite-sex families and only later, after a family disruption, did they live in households with one or more gay parent(s), and only rarely did two parents of the same sex, in a stable, long-term relationship, actually raise the children together.There is an inherent risk that anyone who has anything to say about gay male or lesbian parenting, no matter how cautious, will be misunderstood at best and vilified at worst.However, he continues, the study also “clearly reveals that children appear most apt to succeed well as adults — on multiple counts and across a variety of domains — when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father, and especially when the parents remain married to the present day.” Regnerus took care to mention in his paper that the conclusions of his study ought not to be wielded to “undermine or affirm any legal rights” of gay and lesbian couples with respect to child-rearing.
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    • Research paper. Outline. I. National awareness and rise of the Gay Movement. b. Parents would still rather see their children find someone who loves them and.
    • Research Paper Outline. child to life without a family when they could just as easily be placed with two loving gay parents 2. Gay Rights Research Paper. Gay.

    research paper on gay parents

    This latest research uses a large US national survey, and found that at age 28, adults raised by same sex parents were at over twice the risk of depression as those raised by a mother and father.By not allowing same-sex marriage, the United Sates is creating discrimination against same-sex couples.The deficiencies of studies on homosexual parenting include reliance upon an inadequate sample size, lack of random sampling, lack of anonymity of research participants, and self-presentation bias.They gave a grant of $785,000 to anti-LGBT sociologist Dr.Many believe that if the couple is unable to produce children together, then they shouldn't be raising them as parents.The research from Paper Masters on gay and lesbian parenting often focuses on Struggles Within Gay and Lesbian Parenting."Lesbian and Gay Parenting" is the successor to "Lesbian and Gay Parenting: A Resource for Psychologists" (1995). that was jointly produced by CLGBC and CWP in 1991.In a brief filed by the American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, American Psychoanalytic Association, and Hawaii Psychological Association, the scholars outline three factors that research has determined leads to good parenting: The groups point out that these factors are not impacted by sexual orientation, and thus there is no reason to conclude same-sex parents would be inferior in any way.“When a gay couple sought to adopt a boy- who had leukemia, had been neglected by his biological parents, had lived in five foster homes, and whose adoption was favored by his legal representative- the judge deemed it ‘not in the interest of a seven-year-old male child to be placed for adoption into the home of a pair of adult male homosexual lovers.’”(Utne 58) Three years of searching for a qualified heterosexual couple failed.Children raised in traditional families by a mother and father are happier, healthier, and more successful than children raised in non-traditional environments.

    research paper on gay parents

    Michael Bettinger (2006) reported: “An important difference between gay men and heterosexuals is that the majority of gay men in committed relationships are not monogamous”. Esther Rothblum has reported that whereas women (lesbian or heterosexual) seldom permit sexual affairs, “40 percent of gay men in civil unions have an agreement that non-monogamy is permitted and over half have had sex outside their current relationship”.Gay parents "tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents," said Abbie Goldberg, a psychologist at Clark University in Massachusetts who researches gay and lesbian parenting.A federal judge overturned the state’s ban, but the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the right of Michigan and three other states to ban same-sex marriage. Before the ruling, 36 states and the District of Columbia authorized gay marriage, and the Court’s decision compels all 50 states to do so. Abstract: “Recent legal cases before the Supreme Court of the United States were challenging federal definitions of marriage created by the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s voter approved Proposition 8 which limited marriage to different-sex couples only.The NFSS proves to be an illuminating, versatile dataset that can assist family scholars in understanding the long reach of family structure and transitions.► The New Family Structures Study collected data from nearly 3000 adults.This means that the two cases provide an opportunity for the court to directly consider the constitutionality of states banning same-sex marriage.People of faith are the biggest advocates against same-sex marriages.Society has to realize that the modern family has developed into many different forms in recent years in that the "nuclear family" is not necessarily the most common form anymore.

    research paper on gay parents research paper on gay parents

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