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    sir william gascoigne

    The old family seat at Lasingcroft remained in the family and was a house of considerable size.Alice Gascoigne, took the veil after her husband's death (d. The subject of this biography is first mentioned in 1417, when he obtained from his neighbour, Sir Richard Redmayne*, a grant of half the manor of Kelfield, which belonged to Redmayne’s wife, Elizabeth, a sister and coheir of William, 2nd Lord Aldeburgh. valet of the Crown and Joan Gascoigne Husband of Margaret Fitzwilliam Father of Robert Gascoigne; John Gascoigne; Joan Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe; Ralph Gascoigne; Margaret Scargill born about 1389 Alnwick, Yorkshire, England died after 1441 Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England children: ?He then added this arrangement to a sextant modelled on the instrument used by Tycho Brahe, although Tycho’s sextant was only a naked-eye instrument.From the year-books it appears that he argued a case in Hilary term 1374, and he figures not unfrequently as a pleader in Bellewe's ‘Ans du Roy Richard le Second.’ He became one of the king's serjeants in 1397, and was appointed by letters patent attorney to the Duke of Hereford on his banishment, for whom he also held an estate in Yorkshire in trust. He was a trier of petitions in parliament between 1400––4. On the whole the balance of probability seems to incline distinctly against the hitherto received account of his conduct in the case of Scrope, and in favour of Capgrave's explicit statement that he took part in the trial. If we suppose that, though wrong about the year, he was right about the day of the week, then, as 17 Dec. The Gascoignes were an ancient family and it is reputed that they came over to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.He died in 1419, and was buried in All Saints' Church, the parish church of Harewood in Yorkshire.It appears from the year-books that he practised as an advocate in the reigns of Edward III and Richard II.Une autorisation supplémentaire est nécessaire pour toute utilisation commerciale par des tiers.He was a descendant of an ancient Yorkshire family.
    • William Gascoigne, 1430, Dewsbury, Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England, son of William VII Gascoigne + Margaret Clarell; + Joan de Neville, 1435, Alcester.
    • Sir William GASCOIGNE CA 1345 -
    • There are occasions when we are unsure of the identity of a sitter or artist, their life dates, occupation or have not recorded their family relationships.
    • U. S. President WASHINGTON 's 8-Great Grandfather. HRH Charles's 15-Great Grandfather. PM Churchill's 14-Great Grandfather. Lady Diana's 14-Great.

    sir william gascoigne

    of John de Lungvillars), 3rd son of Thomas de Greystock, Lord of Greystock1. His father and namesake, one of the leading lawyers of the early 15th century, had served Henry of Bolingbroke as an attorney and trustee, so when his patron became King of England, in 1399, rapid promotion was assured.He realized that he could more accurately point the telescope using the line as a guide, and went on to invent the telescopic sight by placing crossed wires at the focal point to define the centre of the field of view.Elizabeth (Isabel) Gascoigne born about 1411 Harewood, Yorkshire, England ?Lasingcroft remained the seat of this branch of the family for nearly two centuries until Richard Gascoigne, the great-great-great grandson of Nicholas acquired Barnbow Hall and the old Grenefeld lands in 1568/9.(See Part 1) Richard Gascoigne was said by his nephew to have "lived above 21 years a widower and all that time at Barnebowe". Most of these were of non-military subjects, however over 1,400 were uniform studies, with another 3,000 containing accurate drawings of soldiers.By October 1419 he had taken at least one prisoner, an Italian fighting on the side of the French; and he was still abroad two months later when his father drew up his will.William Gascoigne (1612 – 2 July 1644) was an English astronomer, mathematician and maker of scientific instruments from Middleton, Leeds who invented the micrometer. Ann married (Sir) Thomas LANGTON Knight circa 1430. Thomas was born circa 1380 in Leversege, Birstall, Yorkshire, England and died about 1438 in Leversege, Birstall, Yorkshire, England about age 58.I moved to Berwick-upon-Tweed from Leeds in January 2011 and soon after I read a notice in the Berwick Advertiser about a proposed transcription project around the Battle of Flodden.

    sir william gascoigne

    1350-1419), chief justice of England in the reign of Henry IV.During the four years of the existence of this site many people have made contact with me in connection with ancestors or relatives who were employed by the Gascoignes, some of the people have been identified on old photographs which have been collected and in one case two individuals from quite separate backgrounds had relatives on the same old photograph!Also estate papers and deeds, 16th century - 20th century (boxes 64-72)Acc 1417 - Additional maps.Topics provide a way to find more content about a subject and do targeted searching on JSTOR. –1419), judge, eldest son of William Gascoigne, by Agnes, daughter of Nicholas Frank, was born at Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, about 1350. v.], and Gascoigne, and this statement is to some extent corroborated by a royal writ dated Bishopsthorpe 6 June 1405, by which Arundel and Beaufort are commissioned to execute the offices of constable and marshal of England (, Fœdera, ed. Moreover, if Gascoigne had really made the signal display of independence attributed to him, he would probably have been punished either by removal or suspension from his office. 578 a, that on 19 June he was still ‘hors de courte,’ and was not expected to return for some time, for his colleagues were authorised to proceed with certain legal business in his absence. All I have is what is listed on this page, including the birth year of 1388, although I don't have the marriage date of 1396. He was born in Gawthorp to Sir William Gascoigne and Agnes Franke.

    sir william gascoigne sir william gascoigne

    William Gascoigne + Joan de Neville -

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